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Don't expect to have to remember someone's extension. Our phones are answered by a knowledgable person who will direct you to the right person on the first call. Customer Care is of the utmost importance. Whether it's getting you a quote, handling problems or anything else, you're our priority.


For over 65 years there has been a member of the Creamer family not only running the company but also involved in it daily.


Why do we offer a 5 year warranty? It's the quality and pride we put into every delivery that allows us to do so. This is the Creamer Insurance Policy that guarantees you first class service.

Please call us toll free at 800-362-1603 for prompt answers to your questions.

We're Upgrading!

We're upgrading and expanding our site to better serve our customers. Watch for our updates.


Toll Free:800-362-1603

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